Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

That's right. The Star Wars kid is reviewing a Star Trek movie the day the new Star Wars movie comes out on video. Oh the irony...

Now let's get to the review of The Wrath Of Khan, where Kirk feels old and Ricardo Montalban gives him grief. But I joke, this film is actually one of my favorite films of all time. The story is practically Shakespearean with it's themes of age, revenge, obssesion, and death with literary analogies to books like Moby Dick and Paradise Lost. The acting is exquisite, without a doubt the original actors at their best. The direction, fight scenes, music, and editing is stellar. The dialogue is quotable as all get out, and every line of dialogue has a purpose in the movie to the point where, if you watch an edited version on TV you lose a lot of the film. This is THE Star Trek movie. Even if you are not a fan of the series, you need to watch this movie! But enough gushing it's time to get to the story. Kirk has been promoted to Admiral and has not been Captain of the Enterprise for some time and soon takes command again not too long before an old enemy has returned. Khan Noonien Singh, the most dangerous opponet the crew of the Enterprise has ever faced returns for vengeance against Kirk, so the crew must battle Khan before he unleashes a machine able to create worlds but also destroy them. Now for a few things to clear up, this week is reviews of the Star Trek trilogy and you may be saying well why the hell did you start with Wrath Of Khan and not the first film? Well the second, third, and fourth films are continuations of the previous movies and share one overarching storyline. Secondly, if you wish to learn more about the events before the film I recommend an episode of the original series named Space Seed which is an origin of Khan and explains how he came to be exiled. So that is it for today, tune in tomorrow when we join The Search For Spock.

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