Monday, April 4, 2016

No It Wasn't An April Fools Joke

Okay so, I wanted to do an April Fool's joke by reviewing Twilight and proclaim it was the greatest love story ever told, the film has countless nuances, and anyone who doesn't like it is a misogynistic asshat who will never find love. And I...couldn't do it. I could not convince myself to say good things, even in jest of Twilight. So I will just have to review all godforsaken 5 of the Twilight films one day, a very very very very long time from now and not screw around with it. I can only say four good things about all of the Twilight movies, and I just could not bring myself to joke about such a horrible movie. I'm sorry. But we got a trilogy of movies to do tomorrow that are good so I can get my mind off of the rubbish and go to my happy place. So I will see you then in the final frontier.

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