Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Batman Forever

Yeah, this was the movie that made me the Batman fan I am today.

I may view this movie through rose tinted nostalgia but I love this movie. When you see a movie at such a young age it always leaves an impression on you. It went from the dark and disturbing previous film to a more mainstream, safe and marketable version of the Batman. But hell even in a kinda cheesy, fun, and all around good time several things have always stuck in my mind above the rest. And that's something since I can pretty much quote the whole movie from beginning to end. First is the casting of Jim Carrey as The Riddler, and most people have a problem with that but honestly I think he is perfect for it. Yes, it's more of a homage to Frank Gorshin's Riddler from the 60's TV series but there is one scene right at the end that cements that even a fun superhero movie like this can be very dark and kinda scary. Second is the music, specifically the soundtrack and not the original composed score. Now everyone and their mother remembers that Kiss From A Rose by Seal was the hit song from this album but Bad Days by The Flaming Lips is perfect, it hits that sweet spot right when Nigma snaps and I love it! Did you know that Bob Kane, the creator of Batman actually said Val Kilmer was the best choice to play Batman so far? And I think he does a really good job! He's a great Batman! In fact, most of the cast is pretty great. Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face is a sight to behold and I just love the scene chewing, it's marvellous. Chris O'Donnel is a bitter, angry, and haunted Dick Grayson who rises through the movie to become Robin. Like I said, Jim Carrey is terrific as The Riddler and except for like maybe two other people, he is the only actor worthy of potraying him in a live action film. Also major big props to the art director, taking a dark gothic city and bringing such color and grandeur to it all! The plot is still a little busy, with some interesting ideas behind it so I'll see if I can properly recount it to you. Batman must now face two of his most memorable foes, Two-Face who has sworn vengeance against the Bat for failing to save him, and the subsequent birth of The Riddler who teams up with Two-Face to amass wealth and power to answer the greatest riddle of all: Who is Batman? Meanwhile, Bruce takes in an orphaned trapeze artist after Two-Face kills his family, who soon learns of his secret night life and wishes to become his partner in crime fighting. Fairly straightforward, highly enjoyable to me. Yes I don't care that I am biased, this was my very first Batman movie and I hold it highly for introducing me to my favorite superhero of all time. And you know, you're not gonna believe me but um...I really like Batman & Robin too. I do not think it is that horrible of a movie, it takes cues from the Adam West show and I really love the Adam West show but I still have a few problems with it. Tune in tomorrow where we finish this Bat-A-Thon with the film that killed the Batman movie franchise for about 10 years.

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