Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rock The Kasbah

Yet another really good new Bill Murray movie.

I'm not quite sure why most people were not very fond of this movie, it could have been much worse and I had a good time watching it. Bill Murray like always, if doing reviews for Bill Murray movies for more than a year should tell you anything Bill is still great. I was kinda shocked to see Zooey Deschanel and Kate Hudson in this movie, and the sad thing was Zooey was in the movie for maybe 15 minutes but Kate was awesome throughout the whole movie, she was a blast to watch. The story itself is something I got to admit, I've never seen before. Bill Murray plays a music manager who decides to go on tour with one of his singers in Afghanistan, his singer soon leaves which causes him to not have an act. Not very long afterwards he discovers a girl with an incredible singing voice and wants her to be a part of his team. Her father says no and says it is forbidden and looked upon as a sin in their culture, but nevertheless she wants to sing on national television and change the views of her own culture. A very interesting premise and it does delve into the cultural and ideological standpoints of modern day Afghanistan. The film is a comedy even though there is some surprising amounts of gunfire in this mostly just for laughs. But the real element that steals the show is not in fact Bill Murray, but Leem Lubany who plays the singer Salima Khan. She is goregous, she sings like an angel, I couldn't give her more props if I tried and yet she is mostly in the background in this movie. But when she has her moments, she really shines through! I had a good time with this movie, I'm not sure what you'll think but if you ever get around to it, give it a watch and tell me what you think.

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