Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Intern

What a beautiful film.

I am serious, this film is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful with it's concepts of old and new, of relationships, of old age, of the real honest to God human emotions that we experience. With as simple a concept of a film about an older gentlemen who interns for a new internet fashion store, the film holds many truths. The truth of the strain of being the big boss of a company and the effects it has on a family, the truth of how real people express their emotions and how they deal with situations. This movie is sincere, it is charming, it is funny with excellent human characters. Not characters but human beings. Robert De Niro's character is indeed a dying breed, a chivalrous, kind, compassionate human being who decides to spend a bit of time in his life when he doesn't have much time left to experience something new, but more so to help people. Anne Hathaway's character is an overworked, stressed mother who tries to make everyone happy and yet carries the world on her shoulders, trying to better her life for the sake of not only herself but her family. She has a daughter in this movie that is heart-gushingly adorable and sweet and that is only one element of this film that moved me. Moved me to laughter, to shock, and to tears. It is a beautiful film. Real, humorous, and lovely. Usually when I recommend films, it is because they are good movies that people should watch for one reason or another. But this is a film that...I demand people to watch. It is a life changing film, it changes your perspective on life, love, old age, being compassionate towards others, and to always help in anyway you can. Most people including myself saw this as a comedy focusing on an older man working with new technology and living in the modern world, but what it truly is is something far greater and meaningful than anybody could percieve.

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