Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Break!

Good and bad news time. The good news is I am on spring break for a week so I can do more reviews than usual. The bad news is our apartment has flooded a bit and we are in the process of moving. That's why I could only get one review out last week, because soon after that we discovered mold and copious amounts of water in our bedroom so we are trying to get the hell out of here as quick as possible. I do believe we move into the new place on Tuesday, so a bit more packing to do before then and after that we can resume like normal. I want to try and get at least three new movies done before the end of the week. I've been wanting to review Creed, definitely thinking about doing The Martian, and one more that I need to decide on. The best part is I can just use Redbox, watch and review the movie in one day, return it and pick up a new one for the next day. So it will save me some money, and I get to review more new movies. I'm sorry I couldn't get you another review last week, so that's why I'm trying to get three reviews out this week. So I will see you guys and gals very soon.

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