Friday, March 18, 2016

The Good Dinosaur

I needed something happy and fun to end this week so....Pixar!

This was a fantastic movie! Gorgeous visuals, awesome characters, a real good message, with good laughs for all. The story follows a dinosaur named Arlo who one day gets seperated from his family and along the way runs into a human named Spot whom he befriends, and thus the long journey begins to get back home. The one element of this film I would have never guessed in a million years (ha ha) was that the film has a serious western tone to it. Arlo and his family are homesteaders, there are friggin' longhorn herding Tyranosaurus Rex's who are without a doubt my favorite characters in the whole film, even rustling Raptors and Pterodactyls! Now let's talk about some of the stand out elements that makes this film so good. Now one of the things I thought was kinda clever was the fact that dinosaurs were the intelligent lifeforms whereas the humans are very primitive almost like dogs or wolves. The second thing is the visuals, now this is a very excellently designed and beautiful film, hell it even looks lifelike at moments focusing on the earth and the water and the trees. I just love it. Now needless to say the T-Rex's are my favorite characters in the entire picture, the lead one Butch being the best, I mean I loved the T-Rex's before I even saw the film but the fact that Butch is voiced by Sam Elliot makes it badass! They are Texan T-Rex's and that makes me grin like an idiot. Also the message it has about facing your fears is a very good one, and I have to say I have never heard the way they say to face your fears before, it is very original. Oh, and let's end this with the most polar opposite things you have ever witnessed in a Disney movie! Why is the loss of a family member such a staple of Disney? Like I know this kind of stuff happens to families in real life but seriously, Disney is making this the rule, not the exception. On the opposite end of this spectrum, this has never happened in any Disney movie ever. Two things actually! There is an honest to God drug hallucination in this movie. I am dead fraking serious. The closest thing we ever got to that was Dumbo getting drunk and seeing the Pink Elephants! But the most standing out point is we actually have a character that suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder! When in the blue hell have we EVER seen something like that? We haven't! That's insane in a movie like this! But that makes the film better. The entire film on a whole is great, I just love the look and the characters. I've always been a dinosaur fan and this movie brought it out in me, I was geeking the hell out throughout this movie. If you like dinosaurs or Pixar, you will really like The Good Dinosaur! I almost feel obliged to buy it but of course all in good time.

For next week, boy howdy do I have some movies for you. Culminating in my review of Batman V. Superman, I will review other movies to prepare for it....

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