Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Citizen Kane

I can understand why this is the greatest film ever made.

I may be a film snob but I love this movie! There have been countless documentaries and commentaries on why Citizen Kane is the greatest movie ever made, so I will not bore you with why this is the greatest movie ever made but merely, give my honest opinion on this film. Let us start with the plot, which follows after the death of our main character, Charles Foster Kane and the subsequent investigation into his dying word "Rosebud". The film constantly shifts from past to present chronicling his life from a small boy to his dying day, with opinions on him from his friends, family, and enemies. Orson Welles wrote, directed, and acted in this picture with pressence and immense power. You can see him age both in personal actions as well as physically, changing from a fun loving spontaneous happy human being to a sad lonely bitter old man. The film has a central message of enjoying life. Always do what you want to do, have fun with your life, never stop for a second doing what you love. Do not do things for pure monetary gain or for fame, but do things in your life that you enjoy and do it until your dying day. For if you do not, you will have doubt and regret and misery for the rest of your life. If it does not shorten or end your life, do it. And that is a message all should take to heart. What is Rosebud? I cannot tell but we all have our own personal Rosebud's.

Thank you so much for reading my 100th review. I hope you will stick around for my 200th review. This place is nothing without my readers, just the rambling and ranting and personal opinions of a would be critic. Thank you so much. Good night.

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