Friday, March 25, 2016

It's Our 1 Year Anniversary!!!

In less than one year I have done over 100 movie and television reviews. I can hardly imagine that way back when I did my first review of Birdman that I would continue on for one year, and review over a hundred movies. And this is the standard for every year from henceforth. I want to try and do a hundred reviews a year, while still taking a break or two just to try and plan out my reviews for the next few months. I have actually set out most of my reviews from now until December, but of course I can't remember every movie so some weeks are blank. So I thought of having those weeks as viewer picks, where the people who enjoy this blog and just the fact that I do movie reviews recommend some movies for me to watch. And seeing how next month is April, I want to actually do more of my favorite movies. I also have a few plans for an April Fools Day review but that is in the works. So in the meantime, here's to another year and here's to many more reviews to come.

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