Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top 20 Favorite Films

First list and I wanted to make a list longer than 10 so with that, my top 20 favorite films!

20. Citizen Kane. Yeah it may be obvious to put the greatest film ever made on here but it is an excellent film with a great message. I am proud to say I own it.

19. Heat. Anything with Michael Mann and bank robberies is no bad thing. The inner character dynamics is what made this film a favorite and it has the best running firefight ever put on film.

18. Rocky. A story with power, emotion, great characters, and lifting music? Sign me up! This is a true classic and should be seen by everyone.

17. The Princess Bride. Talk about a new found gem. This movie stole me away to a great story, memorable characters, perfect humor and a damn good romance. And I just saw it!

16. Tron. A cult film with an emphasis on technology, that made my imagination run wild. And had Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges!

15. The Lord Of The Rings. Epic fantasy series that never gets boring to me. For over 3 hours of film, that's saying something! I love it to there and back again.

14. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Science fiction, Shakespearian writing, and much more that made me appreciate storytelling and characters even more.

13. Big Trouble In Little China. Original as it gets, great fighting, absolutely hilarious, and changed every preconception of an action movie.

12. Up. My favorite Pixar movie ever made, made me cry like a baby more than three times, and gave me a story and experience I can never forget.

11. Clue. It's been one of my favorites since I first saw it, took me years to finally own it and was totally worth the wait, amazing dark humor, and a awesome adaptation of a friggin' board game!

10. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Can you tell I like cult movies? I don't just like this, I adore it. Fantastic music, campy, and Tim Curry at his finest. How can you not love it?

9. Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino's greatest film in my opinion. Why is it #9? Three things: the dance scene in the restaurant, the way the story is told, and of course...Christopher Walken.

8. A Clockwork Orange. Insane? Yeah. Creative? Absolutely. Music? Can't get enough of it. Malcolm McDowell? Dear sweet God yes! This movie is art to me.

7. Ed Wood. Classic look, excellent writing, Johnny Depp and Martin Landau floored me with their performances, quirky, full of heart, and amazing. My favorite movie about making movies.

6. The Big Lebowski. You know I had to put it on here, I'm the Dude for crying out loud! It's impossible to hate a film like this, the Cohen Brothers are geniuses with awesome dialogue, a fun and interesting story, characters you can never get enough of. I aspire to be The Dude, now and forever.

5. Birdman. It was my first review, I loved it then and I love it even more now. Not much else to say, just read the review and watch it and you will know why Birdman stole the #5 spot.

4. Her. Best relationship movie ever! I cannot praise it enough! I want to watch it over and over again, and I only dream of a better romance movie. Speaking of which...

3. Lost In Translation. It's still perfect. Still can't stop loving it and worshipping it. It's just too good to be real.

2. Batman (1989). Batman fan forever, love every single movie but this one takes the cake! Best comic book movie ever, Michael Keaton is THE Batman, I cannot do it justice here and the review will be coming.

1. Star Wars Trilogy. Yeah I can never pick just one of them, it's like making me choose my favorite child. I love them all, I cannot wait to see them again, I live it, I breathe it, The Force is my ally.

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