Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cowboy Bebop

Oh yeah, our first anime review!

My number 1 favorite anime show ever! Cowboy Bebop is a amazing science fiction anime show centering around a rag-tag group of bounty hunters as they hunt people down, get into arguments, and all around shenanigans ensue. Literally from the first second of the opening credits, you are down with this show. Like if this show doesn't sound like your cup of tea, at least watch the opening. It is the epitome of coolness. Slick editing, great music, fantastic use of color, it's just an absolute gem. The characters are perfect, and the best part is they really don't fit into a certain "type". They are all original characters, with wit and snark, gloriously funny but also have their own personal history that can easily make you get attached to them. I think a big advantage this show has on other science fiction shows is that it's not too crazy and super advanced in the science fiction genre. Yes, there are spaceships and holograms but it is still grounded in reality. It takes place in the very not too distant future, but it is in our solar system. Our main character was born on Mars for God's sake! The weaponry is not blasters and laser swords, it's machine guns and pistols and normal guns you see today. So it doesn't go beyond anybody, everyone can watch it, understand it, and enjoy it. Hooked me, loved me, made me buy the whole series. Twice. That's got to be some kind of awesome, ladies and gentlemen. I urge you to give it a chance. review. My 100th review. What am I going to review? Why not the greatest movie ever made? Shoot, let's throw in a list too. How 20 favorite movies? That sounds good. So I will see you space cowboys later...

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