Friday, October 16, 2015

Fright Night (1985)

I know it's a cult movie, and I love many cult movies but this movie kinda fell flat on me.

Fright Night is by no means a bad film but it is not the grand cult classic I have heard about. It's just okay. How's the acting? It's okay, doesn't really star anybody. How's the music? It's okay. How are the special effects? Practical but well done. How's the story? It's okay. The movie to me is just one big giant ball of adequateness. But then again, Big Trouble In Little China another cult movie, when I first saw it I thought it was just okay. But then I watched it again a few years later and now I'm a friggin' geek for it! So maybe I just have to watch it again over time, but this film did nothing for me. It's a slow paced movie clocking in at almost two hours, and the big final battle takes 30 minutes of the film. Okay, so what's the story? A guy believes his next door neighbor is in fact a bloodsucking beast of the night, so he employs the help of a actor who plays a vampire killer on television to help destroy the monster. Not a bad premise, and now I am really damn curious as to what the remake is like. Now again, Fright Night is not a bad movie, I thought it was okay. I'm not going to watch it every Halloween and I'm not not ever going to watch it again. I will watch it again but all in due time. God this was a bit of a downer and as Fate would have it long before I watched the movie, I set up another vampire movie to review the very next week. And it is an awesome vampire movie! One of the best ever! So I cannot express my joy as to watching and reviewing that classic horror movie. So join me next week, and see if Fright Night is up your alley sometime. I hope you like it.

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