Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

I'm really not kidding, this film is so superior to the original.

Every single element of the original Frankenstein has been improved in the sequel. The cast has even more power behind them, mainly Boris Karloff and Ernest Thesiger. The sets show off so much more especially the laboratory at the end. The film gets very cinematic after the laboratory is seen, the musical score is fantastic, and you just get the sense that they really improved everything and made it even more grand. The story picks right up after the original, with Frankenstein surviving the angry mob, and a new mad scientist played by Ernest Thesiger proposing to Dr. Frankenstein to create a mate for the monster. The titular Bride surprisingly is only in the movie for about 5 minutes, but it still leaves a huge impact. But the person who steals the entire movie is Ernest Thesiger playing the devilish, mad scientist Dr. Pretorius who in my opinion is the greatest mad scientist ever put to film. Boris Karloff has a lot more to work with, showing incredible emotion and even dialogue. And that is an important element in this story where the monster meets an old blind man in the woods, and he teaches the monster to speak, and is quite heart wrenching in one scene. You have a heart of stone if you don't get misty eyed or choked up a bit during that scene. So the entire film is a massive step above the original and is well worth viewing. You have got to check this movie out. I adore the Bride Of Frankenstein.

Tune in tomorrow when we look at the movie that is perfect when viewed under a full moon.

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