Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween III Season Of The Witch

Final treat for today before we go off to celebrate Halloween.

I don't care if there is no Michael Myers in this movie, this is a friggin' awesome movie! That's right there is no Michael Myers, no Dr. Loomis, no Laurie Strode. All original story. The movie involves witchcraft, amazing special effects, creepy music, a foreboding atmosphere, and a truly sinister villain. The story follows a doctor investigating into the death of a factory member which soon leads to the uncovering of a cult hellbent on returning Halloween back to it's dark and bloody roots. Tom Atkins is our hero in this movie, and I really enjoyed watching him but Dan O'Herlihy steals the entire movie as the gentle owner of the factory who is the mastermind behind the whole witchcraft scheme. He is just one malicious bastard. And the best scene in the entire movie is when he explains the history of Halloween and it is genuinely creepy and chilling to hear. And the God you won't expect it. Truly memorable and haunting. Well I am probably never going to surpass this many reviews in a single day and on that bombshell it is time to end. Thank you so much for reading and as always, have a very happy Halloween.

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