Monday, October 12, 2015

Evil Dead 2

This movie is bat squeak insane.

I love Evil Dead 2 way more than the original Evil Dead for three reasons. One Bruce Campbell has gotten down his acting method which is made of pure awesome you just have to look at the scene in the work shed, it is surprisingly less scary and is way more comical, and last but not least the camera is still alive. Nearly every part of the original has been outdone, seeing as how this movie had a much better budget than the first one. The film is almost a parody of the first movie with outrageous amounts of blood and even a bit of slapstick but still treats itself seriously and still keeps the movie humorous. It also delves into a little of the psychological horror which I greatly appreciate and enjoy, like all this crazy stuff is happening in the cabin but all of a sudden shows Bruce Campbell just sitting in a chair screaming. My God this movie is bonkers and that is the best part. Also for some strange reason people have been considering this movie as a remake of the original. I kinda get why, but it has been explained that the first few opening minutes is a recap of the last movie but with different aspects to it so this film picks right up after the last one. This is a much more enjoyable horror movie than you would think, making it even more worth watching than the first. And the cliffhanger is great, but unfortunately I will not be reviewing Army Of Darkness just yet and it is due to my reasoning that Army Of Darkness is more of an action comedy not horror. So that is why I am excluding it from this month's reviews. So yeah definitely watch Evil Dead 2 even if you didn't like the first one that much.

Later this week, we shall continue to review some of the greatest cult monster movies of the 80's.

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