Friday, October 23, 2015

It Follows

Holy hell this movie is so damn good!

All the praise you have heard about this movie is true. This is a fantastic horror movie! I love it to death. The story is creepy and well done, the acting is excellent, the music is absolutely perfect, and it made me afraid to look. The story follows a teenage girl who after having sex with someone soon finds herself plagued by a mysterious and ominous thing following her. Now I know, the whole being killed thing after sex is rule #4 in a horror movie, but they treat it differently and originally. The film is very retro in it's look. You see cars from the 70's, televisions with dials on them, the whole film is bleeding with old fashioned...everything but still has modern technology in use. The best part of the movie is the soundtrack, it is straight up synthesizer music almost as if John Carpenter himself made the score. It's eerie, it's unforgettable, it sounds like music straight from an NES. I am head over heels for this music! Also speaking of John Carpenter, this film took a lot of influence from Halloween and even The Thing. You see many similar scenes to the original Halloween, and the fact that this supernatural being can change it's appearance to look like any kind of person is too similar to The Thing itself. Now this movie scared me. When a horror movie gets so into your head that you don't even want to look at the screen, it's doing it's job. The entire movie is looking at things, and not in a bad way. The camera is constantly moving around corners and hanging on many quiet, and creepy settings. It got me shaking for God's sake! Why are you still sitting here? Get out there and watch this movie now!

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