Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Evil Dead

Jesus H. Christ, this movie is freaky scary.

Evil Dead is one of the creepiest, most well made horror movies ever, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. The film follows a group of young adults that go to a remote abandon cabin and soon discover that evil forces are brewing and it's up to them to survive. This movie scared me good, to the point where I didn't even want to look at it. I needed a strong drink to get through it. The acting is great, the atmosphere is fear inducing like no other, the music is eerie, and the best aspect that is the greatest part of the movie is the camera. The camera is alive. This is one of the most innovative and unconventional filming you will ever see in any movie except for the Evil Dead movies. Literally the first minute, the camera starts moving and unearthly so. I have no doubts in my mind that the camera in this movie is an entity. There is no way in hell that there is someone behind that camera, it moves too fast, too smooth over water, through the woods, glass and everything else. It creeps me out big time. The film is bloody as all get out to an almost comical degree, but the film is too scary to even notice how outrageous it all is. Bruce Campbell is really damn good in this movie, but he didn't discover his method of acting yet which I will talk about in the next review. And the goes exactly the way you think and then drops the hammer and ends. So bottom line, it's time to see The Evil Dead.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow where we look at the sequel.

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