Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Devil's Rejects

Man I really will have to wait until 3 From Hell to pin my favorite here.

Now I know this has always been the favorite out of quite possibly all of Rob Zombie's movies, and I can totally see why. I'm not sure if this is a straight up sequel to House Of A 1000 Corpses because I really doubt 3 From Hell follows after this, but regardless how is it? Well pretty damn good, while the first movie was more style over substance this takes the opposite stance, substance with a bit of style, both of which having their place of course but despite my amazement at the style of the first the story and progression is what really made me like the second. It's pretty much a hunt movie with our three killers Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding being pursued by a sheriff hell bent on taking them in or taking them out. It's not often you see any kind of movie let alone a horror movie where the killer is always on the run from being put down by the law, so it gives a lot more downtime between killings and thusly more character. Not to say you don't get some gruesome and nightmarish visuals, but it's more about their journey together than the killings themselves. Before, Bill Moseley was very much akin to Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 but with this he gets to expand and put in one of his strongest performances and I just love that guy so any movie with him is A-okay by me. More fun times with Captain Spaulding, I'm still honestly grappling with Sid not being here cause if there was ever a horror star I wanted to meet, besides like Heather Langenkamp, Edwin Neal, and Felissa Rose, it would be him! If I was being honest, Baby was probably the least interesting of the bunch in the first movie but boy did that pull a 180° in this movie, I mean damn you rock that part lady. Even William Forsythe who I haven't really seen in anything besides this, did mighty good and I'll be looking out for him in the future. So cast gets A's across the board, story is definitely good, I like the very grounded and more brutal style of this movie once again proving that Rob knows how he wants his films to be. Now I did know parts of this movie before I actually saw it but it really didn't detract from anything, I was just aware of the more humorous quotes. So still gets 4 stars from me, another 8/10, well done to all who worked on it! And next time we get to talk about the incredibly recent third installment so stick around to see if it possibly tops them all. Until next time, I'm gonna go get me some ice cream.

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