Sunday, October 4, 2020

BONUS: Tenet

Well I certainly didn't see this coming.

Yeah yeah, I'm late but time is relative and I'm just so damn happy to see a new movie in theaters, even if it was a freak accident. But do I really have to tell you to check this out? It's a Nolan movie, watch it. There's no doubts or disparaging comments about the quality here. So instead let's talk plot basically without going off on tangents, an agent is recruited under a bizzare program focusing on a even more wild mission where he tracks down an arms supplier who seems to know about things before they happen. Mad times ensue. Yes it's no surprise unless you've seen nothing of the advertisments for the film, that time is in a state of flux. It doesn't reverse or proceed, it constantly mixes and while the movie doesn't fully explain how or why the point of it is to get some great visuals. It's more a tool of the director than an actual plot element, which may bother some but for me I honestly didn't mind. And it does lend to very interesting visual landscapes and scenarios, but it never gets so over your head you get confused. Me, I'm okay. I've travelled in the fourth dimension for a decade, this sort of stuff is normal. But never worry, every instance of time manipulation is tied up, with zero loose ends so if you're confused by one moment you'll get it before the end credits roll. I really liked the cast in this, John David Washington is a really good lead and slips into a secret agent role very easily, Robert Pattinson is awesome no further comment, Elizabeth Debicki I felt was a good emotional center for our lead, and Kenneth Branagh as a villain is hard not to hate in the best way possible. The film looks great with several gorgeous shots and it has that Nolan quality to it all. I mean...he does so much for real it gets kinda scary. You'll see what I mean. Also, no joke this is the best soundtrack to a film I have heard in a loooong time. It's the best soundtrack to a Nolan film I've heard, yes even better than The Dark Knight surprisingly so let's add another album to the collection. All in all, it's an interesting movie to say the very least and worth the time to watch whether you're a fan of his films or not. Now if I only could find a good spot for Inception, I'm still waiting to watch that for the first time. 4 stars, 8/10 from me! Until next time, well time is relative and all wibbly wobbly but you knew that already. You fabulous humans.

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