Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Friday The 13th Part 3

This is very very much more the movie you think of when you think Friday The 13th.

I just don't mean the first appearance of the hockey mask but just in terms of characters, story, and Jason himself. Personally I think this is the most average entry in the series so far, I really only enjoyed our final girl, Jason, and the final confrontation. I think it was a combination of the stock characters, the average bordering on dull plot for a slasher movie, and those little leaps of logic only to be found in a horror movie that really made this a giant ball of ehhhhh. And yeah, it's no secret this was meant to be seen in 3D, I would have to call you a complete waste of brain matter if you didn't know, and the horrible thing is well how shamelessly blatant it is. The object is always smack bang in center frame, looks like it's about to hit the camera from shoving it so close, and a nothing short of awkward lingering runtime on it. It's...yikes. At least I have greatly liked all our main protagonists in this series, including this one but as for the rest of the cast, well let's discuss. This is about as cookie cutter of a horror movie cast you can get, we get the good looking male lead, the sexophile couple, the potheads, the dweeb, and the main girl. Really most of the acting is okay but boy does it have it's moments, and I see so much of what now is considered complete cliche horror fodder in this movie right off the heels of one of the best not just in this series but this genre of horror. Jason has a good update though, going from feral wildman to a more tall and lean appearance, gone is the sack of shame and we get the fancy mask, and a pretty good face to go with it. Hell we even get the machete wielding Jason too in this one, but it's kind of funny to think Jason didn't have the mask from the get go and took almost an hour of this movie to see him in it but well worth the wait. I also find it interesting that this could very well have been a trilogy, there's no loose ends or cliffhanger at the end of this so it could have been possible to lay these movies to rest in 1982. Honest to God, unless you want to see the origin of the hockey mask which in and of itself is quite dumb you could skip this one big time. It's not horrible but it certainly could have been better. 2.5 stars, 5.5/10, thank the heavens part 4 is up next.

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