Tuesday, October 13, 2020

House Of A 1,000 Corpses

I would like to take a quick minute just to say, WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT??

What a wild ride! I had a great time with this movie! I didn't really have doubts about the quality, but this was a very different beast. For Rob's directorial debut I must say he knows the style of the movie that he wants to show, I mean I could talk about the look of the movie for hours so I'll have to condense it down once we get there. But first, story time! The movie takes the basic plot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, group of kids travelling the back roads of the country, get lost, introduced to a family of nut cases, and the bodies start hitting the floor. But it's such a huge disservice to this movie by saying that because of it's style and unique look, if you have reservations about seeing it I've honestly seen more horrific and gory horror films in my time, this won't scar you for life, go watch it. The cast was really well picked in my opinion, and it is nice to know we'll see Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Zombie in future movies but the rest of the cast does fine work and the script feels natural with the conversations. Plus you killed Rainn Wilson, that gets you 2 stars off the bat. Fffffff*** The Office (I'm just being an ass, I haven't even watched it. Nor will I.)! Oh my boy Walton Goggins is in this, I freaked when I saw that in the opening credits. So absolutely nothing but love for the cast. This is very much a horror movie that does horrify you, I mean that's just naysty! And I appreciate it so much, it should be like that, it doesn't glorify the violence or give you the special effect money shot, it's there to make you squirm and feel bad. Well done on that! But what seriously won me over above all was the way the film is shot, to put it simply it's like if a movie took the aesthetic of a music video and used it throughout. There's weird color filters, changes in lighting, that cool split screen technique you see in Carrie, quick zooms, grainy footage that simultaneously looks like it was shot on a 16mm camera and a VHS camera, I was diggin' it man. Plus I had the wonderful experience of having no friggin' clue where the story was going, cause it kept throwing curveballs at me and I was thrilled to see where it was going, and yes it most certainly did keep me guessing till the end. 4 stars! 8/10! The Devil's Rejects coming next time, consider me interested and excited.

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