Thursday, October 8, 2020

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Mmmm, this is where it gets tough.

Which do I like better part 2 or part 4? Even I'm a bit surprised when I say part 4 "The Final Chapter" is the best of the lot. After all my praise for the second movie, this really took those elements and boosted it to 11. I love the cast, the effects are pretty grand, the story works really well, and I was more invested in this than any that have come before it. So once again we pick up after the events of part 3, having an ultimate recap that make the Rocky movies burning with envy, with Jason being taken to the morgue and a group of teenagers are renting out a house next to the Jarvis family. But knowing Jason, all he needs is a power nap to recover from any head wounds and is on the hunt for fresh blood. I was heavily shocked with the characters this time around, it has to be quite possibly the only slasher movie where I wanted no one to bite the dust besides Halloween. I really enjoyed these people, and the cast must be commended for their work bringing personality and charm to them all. I genuinely got pretty good reactions from all of the death scenes due to the masterful work of Tom Savini who came back for the final round, and the cast who made these characters very likeable so it made me pull a gross out or shocked face every single time. Jason is at his best here doling out memorable kills galore and getting a improved facelift from last movie, and while it does suck to hear Ted White really detest the movie due to production troubles I still feel he's the best Jason yet. I had a great time with this movie, so dang memorable, so dang entertaining! From good and even funny bits of dialogue, to the best dance scene ever put to celluloid (don't try to fight me), the great effects, it's a wonderful time at the movies. 4 stars, I kinda want to give it an 8/10 and I think it deserves it so sue me, this is worth every second of your time. I mean you got Crispin Glover and Corey Feldman doing their thing and doing it well, and if that doesn't get that little .5 boost to an 8 then I simply have no clue what will. And to close this week out, I think this fandom is brilliant that no matter how many different video releases there are, no matter if it's on a box set with 11 of the Friday The 13th movies, it's always titled The Final Chapter. They know, I know, I appreciate a sense of humor like that, you're wonderful. Oh yeah go check out Dead Meat on the YouTube's too, it's quite honestly spectacular and their videos on this series are always a favorite of mine.

Next week, a movie series with a bit more spice from an interesting director.

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