Friday, March 6, 2020


God this hurts to say.

I feel a bit disillusioned with Disney and Pixar lately, and Onward hasn't exactly helped. Now I am not saying this movie is bad, because it's not. The animation is quite good and can look atmospheric at times, the characters are very basic but the performances help out a bit, the story while predictable at times isn't a half bad story, and while the humor didn't get me too hard I got a good laugh at a few instances. But Onward is just sorta, ehhhh it's okay. If I'm being brutally honest, this would not make it in the top half of my favorite Pixar movies. In fact since we're doing this and I mean I am going to level with you 120%, this is not a movie you go see in theaters. This is a movie you rent, or buy bargain priced a year or two after the film is released and watch it maybe once every 4 or so years. And I wasn't expecting an amazing film, I've explained this before so don't say, well you went in with too high of expectations because it's Pixar. Far from it. I saw the trailers, it looked average but could have potential to be a really good if not great movie, but it just fell flat for me. It's not bad, it's okay. And that just sucks to say about a movie from Pixar. In fact you know when I last watched a Pixar film and absolutely loved it? Inside Out, and that was in 2015. And the Disney proper films have not been much better for me, I haven't seen every film they've released in the last decade in fact there's probably films that would reinvigorate my love for Disney movies, but it looks grim now. But Onward is a decent movie, it's not a wholly original setting but the story works, it has nice moments, the mom is easily the best character in the movie period and always held my attention when she was on screen, the animation is nice with some of the best CG hair I've seen and if you know anything about animation it's that hair is damn near impossible to look really good, I can appreciate it for what it did but as of now this was kind of a run of the mill family film for me. 3 stars, 7/10, maybe I'm talking straight out of my ass Jim Carrey style but it's how I felt. When the movie ended and credits rolled, I didn't feel much, I wasn't happy or sad or even kind of mad, it was just adequate. But believe me I'll take adequate over bad everytime. So take from it what you will, if you wanna see it by all means go, but all I'm saying is you can wait.

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