Monday, March 30, 2020

A Surprise To Be Sure But A Necessary One.

Now this took a bit of time to work out, and I can strongly say I feel this is the right decision. With the huge impact this month is taking on me, several films being pushed months back, work hours being cut, this whole social distancing thing closing what little time I actually get out of the house, I do truly feel I need to take some time off. Now I'm perfectly fine, healthy as possible, nothing bad has happened. But I am thinking logically of this, usually I take my break in September when no new movies have come out and I can plan for the only constant in this ever shifting review schedule, October, and square away a schedule leading into the new year, but with this utter and complete train wreck of a month I feel some time needs to be taken off to plan a solid form of action. Now I'm not taking the whole month off, I'll be gone for about 3 weeks and be right back at it on my birthday week showcasing the movies of my favorite childhood actor Jim Carrey. That gives me time to figure out new release schedules for movies, plan a schedule for the reviews, and review some backlog material that can be posted for months to come. In fact, with this course of action I will have not one but two big surprises for you coming this fall which will more than make up for this lost upcoming month. So I'm sorry I couldn't wheel and deal for a full month but new shit has come to light and steps have to be taken to help keep this going. 3 odd weeks and I'll have schedules for May and June, probably even July, plus the off time to square away stuff and get some reviews said and done just waiting to be posted. Which gives me more time to plan later on for the big events coming before and after October and I can't wait to share it with you. I definitely appreciate you and hope this won't bum you out but just know I'll be working regardless and getting out more stuff for the rest of the year. With a heavy heart I step away from this as I normally do every year. And on that bombshell it is time to leave, thank you so much for joining me, good night.

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