Sunday, March 22, 2020

Damage Report!


You know this absolute bollocks going on with this virus I was ready to deal with long term. I didn't care about what I had to do to stay healthy but I was gonna go to the movies opening day and take that risk every damn time. Because while I have significant caution and self-preservation qualities, I wouldn't let it impede my work. And then the theaters shut down. Indefinitely. How the hell am I supposed to review Mulan now? I was gonna do a compare and contrast on two fronts, I was going to tell you how much Beauty & The Beast is a wonderful piece of cinema and tell you how the bullf*** remake was completely unnecessary and beyond terrible, quickly followed by doing the same for Mulan except with hopefully better outcomes in the remake department. Not anymore. I got nothing for this week and I have a plan for April but I feel it will be an almost impossible task with the time I have and the resources I have, meaning I need to scrap it (for now) and desperately try to garner material for the majority of next month. I'm not saying if the theaters didn't close in my town it would have fixed everything like the wave of a magic wand, but it would have made at least this week easier. Thankfully there's probably quite a few movies out on Redbox that I actually haven't watched and could easily get me through this week, but April is looking f***ing grim and I need a miracle to get that project going so I can give you a plethora of content for just one month. And I'm not trying to over exert myself, this was the plan all along, and it's certainly not impossible to put it on hold and do it later this year so I can plan more carefully for the coming weeks but I hate that such a severe setback has occured. So I'll sift through the Redbox and grab a few things for this week but after that it's just up in the air. Not unless the space gods are kind and get my theater opened back up before Friday, then I'll have one more week to plan and act accordingly. Stay tuned to find out, same time same channel, with this warning: the wildest is yet to come!

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