Thursday, March 12, 2020

Vicious: The Finale

Why does it get it's own review?

Well you'd honestly think that this would be the final episode of season 2 but surprisingly, this finale took about 11 months to air after the last episode of season 2. Yeah, that really raw emotional ending was how Vicious ended for 11 months for audiences in Britain. Jesus. So this is half special/half finale, all lovely. It sort of time jumps between the seasons, in Spring we see Freddie and Stuart still very much in the honeymoon phase being very kind, attentive, and content with each other before we head on over to Summer where we see Freddie having a birthday party and we get quite a few nice moments in this series before we get to the heartbreaking part, Autumn comes and Ash breaks the news that he will be moving to the States to attend university and what follows ripped my hearts out and shredded them to pieces. I mean I thought the season 2 ending was sad, this f***ed me up, Vicious broke me in less than 60 seconds and I never really recovered from it throughout the rest of the special. And yes it was like THAT scene, you know the one you've been here long enough to know. Thanks show writers, I'm not depressed at all or anything! And then we come to our final season in Winter where we see this bizzare, sometimes cruel, but always loving family celebrate Christmas together and I'm kind of really upset that Ash didn't come back for Christmas, but the show truly ends on a understated but nevertheless happy ending for Freddie and Stuart. It did kinda catch me off guard when credits rolled, but I wasn't upset or disappointed even a microscopic bit, it ended in a very sweet but very real way. I can't quite remember seeing a time when a show ended and it wasn't made a big deal out of, but this just goes quietly into that good night and I really liked that. Vicious is a special show and one full heartedly worth watching all the way through, the special gets a 10/10, I'm somewhat depressed now and yet simultaneously very happy. It's bittersweet to say the least, and if there's anything I'm weak for it's a bittersweet ending. Thank you so much for joining me, goodnight.

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