Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Vicious: Season 1

How in the living hell have I not reviewed this?

I would have put my very soul on the line that I reviewed this first season many years ago, but thankfully my soul has been gone for quite some time so no bother. This is a personal favorite of mine, introduced to me as a Christmas present simply because of the acting talent in it. Vicious is an ITV series that quickly got brought to the States through PBS which is very odd because it's not exactly family friendly, but entertaining as all hell. Starring our favorite wizard/mutant Ian McKellen as Freddie and the one Master I desperately want more of Derek Jacobi as Stuart, two aging partners living in a flat in London as they spend time with friends, family, and a newcomer to their area, a young man named Ash. It definitely fits more the sitcom style of comedy, laugh track and all but the biggest selling point is the amazing actors in it. Don't get me wrong the show is hilarious at times and never once gets dull, but it is the performances that bring such life to the dialogue. No doubt you'll recognize another familiar face with Frances de la Tour with you Harry Potter fans out there, who I simultaneously adore and yet beg to please just stop, I mean this woman is the epitome of a hot mess but I honestly wouldn't have her any other way. Ian and Derek have such excellent chemistry together, and it's that special kind of relationship where they say cruel things to each other but never ever mean it once, which in my opinion is the height of a relationship. I can't explain it, I just worship those types of relationships, I aspire to have a relationship like Freddie and Stuart in my years. Oh my God, and you better believe I am on the verge of dancing every single time this theme tune plays. I will however say you have to have a very specific type of humor for this show, otherwise you'd just be shocked at the verbal abuse these two fling back and forth at each other, but I do believe anyone can watch it and enjoy it. It kinda breaks my heart that this show only got 2 seasons, and each season is seven episodes long with about a 25 minute runtime, you could literally knock this entire show out in a single day. Because I love these characters, I love their wit, their sarcasm, their biting humor, it's an absolute joy to watch at times. Easily the best episode is the 5th one, to see Ash and his girlfriend be juxtaposed with these total nagging queens is absolute gold in my book. It's funny, because both Ian and Derek were in the same acting class years ago and had big crushes on each other and to see them play a couple is actually quite sweet. Sometimes you can play roles that fulfill dreams. It's a simple, basic, no frills show but has heart and humor to it and it didn't even take two episodes for me to fall in love with it. This of course gets 4 stars, I dare even give it a 9/10, it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I could personally watch years of this programme if I had the chance.

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