Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Well that was kind of a depressing ending.

Honestly this movie is nothing but fun for the whole family and another great adventure into this world until we reach the bloody hedge maze. But overall, how was it? I think for the longest time this was my favorite of the entire series before it even properly ended, I think with all the action-y trials of the tournament and the certain bombshell that gets dropped near the end this was my favorite. Is it now? No, Prisoner Of Azkaban is still the superior film in my eyes but in terms of story and character moments, this is still pretty good. A momentous occasion has come to Hogwarts where two other magical schools are competing in a special competition known as the TriWizard Tournament, and for mysterious reasons our dear Harry is selected as one of the participants, where he has to face dragons, sea creatures, and a hedge maze that gives The Shining a run for it's money to become the champion. I'm honestly surprised it took 4 films for confirmation of other magical schools, it seems kind of obvious since Hogwarts is a British school but it is pretty awesome seeing French and Russian(?) schools as well thrown into the mix. This movie is a lot of fun but I'm gonna be honest the whole teen drama bullshit I can live without. Thankfully it's not too much but it's there enough to aggravate the holy hell out of me. Now I get it, they're teens and these story elements were bound to happen sooner rather than later, in fact the more I think about it this film is very....high school. Not bad tropey high school (which statistically comprises 99% of all high school films), but there certainly are elements to it, there's a bit of attention given to romance, finding someone to take to a dance, the tournament itself is treated like a damn sport despite the near fatal situations, and again there's nothing wrong with that. It sets the tone until it drops a ton of bricks on you with the ending which makes it more shocking and impactful. I can respect that, but it's just something I'm not a huge fan of. But there's plenty to like, the tournament is varied and filled with excitement, our new DATDA teacher is a lot of fun and one of the more interesting characters we want to know more about, and the finale is the best yet of the series. We got to talk about it because it quite literally changed the game, Voldemort is ressurected and in a pretty grim fashion. I was kind of getting Black Cauldron vibes, but everything about it is handled perfectly and Ralph Fiennes though a teeny tiny little bit broad certainly has that menace and power to him. I'm not gonna make any Twilight jokes, Robert Pattinson does fine here and even went on record saying he'd rather play Cedric again than Edward Cullen, I have some respect for the man and actually look forward to seeing him as the Batman. But is it coincidence that this is the movie with the most Doctor Who cast members and they introduce a small space that is bigger on the inside, twice? I'll let you be the judge. But the answer is no, the producers are cheeky bastards and I love them for it. The director did fine, though even I had to check it wasn't the same guy who did Battlefield Earth cause those dutch angles. Whoo boy. Not bad by any stretch but it did make me laugh a bit. I don't think I'm missing any other major points, it's all just small moments from here. Alan Rickman proves once again why he's the best thing to happen ever, and never fails to make me smile. Gambon I do have to say is the better Dumbledore, if only because he had the majority of movies, and I will conceed he is the best but Richard Harris is still my favorite despite Gambon's wonderful performance. Another just...weird thing I noticed is, I felt utterly unclean during this movie, like everyone is just horny as shit and it bothers me. I do not need to see Moaning Myrtle get all 'hey hey' with Harry Potter. Ugh. Like I know hormones are starting to set in with these teenagers but even the adults are pushing their luck with this rating. Just. Why?? I need bleach, steel wool, and a volcano to get this smut off my skin and out of my brain. And on that uncomfortable note, it is time to end. Thank you so much for reading, goodnight. 4 stars, 8/10.

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