Friday, January 24, 2020

Staus Report!

Alright guys it's time I level with you, I just got a new job and started this Monday and the financial side of the old Duder's life has been less than great. Nothing serious or show breaking or at least God I hope not, but it has put a dent in the schedule. I wanted to review The Gentlemen but my bank account and work schedule are very against that idea, so until I can scrounge up some loose cash I can't get a brand new theater movie review out for a bit. Maybe this weekend I can catch it but unfortunately there will be no opening day review. I'm thinking of installing a PayPal donate button so if people want to send me films to review or just spare change out of the goodness of their hearts it will keep the show running at a very healthy pace. Trust me, even two bucks can get a review done and I'd only use it for review purposes. It drives me up the wall that I can't see new movies whether good or bad because at the end of the day I love doing this. I would never ever get over the fact that if I had to even momentarily stop reviews before the 5th anniversary or any time at all period, and that tells you how much I love doing this. Almost 600 reviews have been done and all just for the sake of a bit of quick entertainment and informative decisions to spend your money and let's be honest even mine on something worth it. I'm not reviewing Cats, we all knew what was going to become of Cats. Some films can't be saved or salvaged, so it's important to see the films with potential even if they don't turn out too good. But it's also important not just to see the big blockbusters, films like Mother or The Dead Don't Die didn't exactly have spectacular budgets or even a lot of marketing but it caught my attention. If a day ever came where I could see every single new movie that came out in a year, I would do it! If I got a damn good paying job with even a smidge of down time, I'd try to review every new movie. Why? Because I love doing this. You don't exactly sit down and write nearly 600 reviews over the course of 5 years just for the hell of it. Though I will say I've just about reviewed every single movie that I physically own, and by the end of this year I'll probably have reviewed them all but thank the celestial beings for streaming services and the internet, cause it has saved my ass so much. I've been putting serious thought into making video reviews on my YouTube channel, if only just to broaden my original reviews and get all of my opinions out with nothing lost in translation from mind to screen (though if I could make a living just doing that I wouldn't complain just saying). I desperately wanted to review The Lighthouse because it hooked me on one trailer that didn't tell you a damn thing, and believe me we're finally doing it next week. I do truly apologize for not being able to get new movie reviews out until this financial situation gets settled and I'll try to keep up my 3 reviews a week. Though I did severely screw up this week, with only 2 reviews but if it means that much to me (Spoilers, it does.) I'll try to throw a third review your way before the day is out. February is looking good with three new theater movie reviews, and God dang it I'm gonna try to make it happen! I'll let you know when the situation changes but I just wanted to give an update on why there has been little movie going experiences so far and why it was only two reviews this week. Thankfully I have a tiny bit of pocket cash that will get me through next week and after that I suspect things will go a lot smoother. Stay tuned for more peoples. I will see you next time, and this is The Dude saying goodnight.

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