Saturday, January 18, 2020

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

I can scarcely believe it but it's done.

I can't even imagine what it was like reading The Deathly Hallows when it was first released, that anticipation and excitement must have been palpable beyond words, and the film was like the second wind of that sensation. Everyone went to see this movie and my God do the numbers not lie. Over 1 billion dollars, and countless people who went to see this time and again. It does still live up to that hype, I remembered bits of the movie so there were moments when I audibly gasped because I forgot it even happened after these many years. This is one hell of a conclusion to a story that's been built since 2001 and I don't think it can really be topped in terms of climatic finales to a series, even with my love for The Rise Of Skywalker I can admit this was better. I do like how the film is still paced, you'd think it'd be bodies hitting the floor for 2 hours with some absolutely mad spell casting but there's still a bit of that pacing from Part 1 before we go into the Battle Of Hogwarts which I appreciate and even when we do hit those heavy action parts the film still takes a breather and lets you have some of the best moments if not the best moments of the series. With over 4 Horcrux's destroyed, Harry must return to Hogwarts one last time to seek the last 3 and finally face off against the man who took his family away and has been plaguing him for these many years. It never fails to deliver and never falls short, so does it beat The Half-Blood Prince as best film? I don't know. This will take serious deliberation, because it has spectacular moments. The battles, the final interactions between these characters, the King's Cross Station scene, that little bit in the forbidden forest, the 19 years flashforward, and last but never least Snape's memories. It got me man. It really got me, it was one tear but even one tear can speak 1,000 volumes that words cannot. It broke me a bit, and then it killed me when I read that Alan Rickman has been gone now for 4 years, he passed away January 14th 2016. It hurts still. But I'll be damned if this wasn't the best acting out of him in the whole series, you've heard me praise him this whole time and it was all leading to this. I'm sure you understand why I felt the way I did. In terms of acting, directing, editing, and cinematography, it's the best scene ever. I doubt any could argue such a fact, but does it make it the best film as a whole?, but it will rank top 5 maybe even top 3, they played their cards just right through this entire series and the payoff and resolution was worth every wait between those years and films. But there were moments that I personally loved a great deal besides the big obvious ones, I noticed quite very recently actually that Narcissa Malfoy is kind of a gorgeous woman, like hey girl hey kind of gorgeous, and I don't know what it is about me and ahem.....mature witches (Oi, stop that. I refuse to call them older, that's rude.) but Molly Weasley may have just sweeped the leg under Luna and claimed best witch cause, ooooh boy did I enjoy that beautiful moment a great deal. Friggin' Neville is my boy, and I'm so proud of him and his growth, and the little fact that my ship has been recognized!! You get brownie points for that movie, I wanted it and you gave me it, I'm appreciative of such things. Okay we have to talk about the laugh, stuff of internet legend now, but I'm so damn happy it exists and I loved every bit of it. If I had one major complaint of the whole series, the romance elements were not handled optimally, many people point to Harry and Ginny but even with Ron and Hermione, that leap to a couple is so abrupt, I really wish they let them be a couple around the 5th movie and see them grow and change to this movie. Minor gripe, but something that has to be brought up. They ended the movie on the second best piece of music in the series though, and jeez did it cap off the ending, you couldn't count the nostalgic feels and tears shed in that moment if you had all the time in the world. It tugs on those heartstrings but even I didn't cry, just overwhelmed by happy memories of days gone by. I know I've said it last time, but this series has meant a great deal to many, myself included and I'm truly thankful it exists and that I had the chance to go back to Hogwarts one more time to review these movies. Harry Potter is a household name, for better or for worse we stand with it and continue to cherish it for perhaps all our lives. It has such wonderful characters, an interesting world that has much to offer still, a story that was crafted to it's best potential, and brought to life from the pages of a book by so many talented individuals. 4 stars, 8.5/10. It's no secret I love this series, after all this time. Always.

Ranking time!

8. Chamber Of Secrets

7. Deathly Hallows Part 1

6. Order Of The Phoenix

5. Goblet Of Fire

4. The Sorcerer's Stone

3. Prisoner Of Azkaban

2. Deathly Hallows Part 2

1. The Half-Blood Prince

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