Monday, January 13, 2020

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

I would definitely say this is better than the first.

Chamber Of Secrets does what every sequel should do, expand the story and characters while still introducing new elements into the world and overall having a better feel than the first. Granted the first story was a very basic story, more an introduction if nothing else but it turned out to be a pretty good film and was a massive hit at the box office. So now we have a better story with Harry returning to Hogwarts admist a rash of student endangerment after hearing tale of an illusive chamber built by one of Hogwart's original founders, leading Harry, Ron, and Hermione to find the location of the chamber and kill the beast within that is hunting down non-pure blood students before the school is closed. I know I give brief synopsis to every movie, but there's tons to talk about in every aspect for this film. Already the budget and effects have clearly been given a major upgrade, with more lavish sets, excellent animatronics, and better CG. I particularly like how we see familiar locations from the last movie but we get so many more new settings that we will see for movies to come. That's something I greatly appreciate about this series that I don't normally see, the continuity between films is probably the strongest I've ever seen in all my movie watching history. I like how the story goes a tiny bit dark and there's much more of a strong impending threat which permeates the entire film, as opposed to a threat that really only was near the end of the past film. It's great to hear the lore of Hogwart's and was something I loved even when I was a kid, and the aspects of the Chamber itself and the mysterious Heir of Slytherin are done brilliantly. The cast is even stronger in my opinion with all the returning students and teachers, a trend that will continue for many more movies to come. I think I'd mainly want to talk about story and character elements more than production and overall quality cause let's be honest these films are loved by almost everyone and each film is a standout movie in it's own way. You're not here for me to tell you to go see this movie, you're here to know my thoughts on the elements of each film. I don't think anyone has ever liked Gilderoy Lockhart and to be honest he's the worst DATDA (Defense Against The Dark Arts) teacher we have yet, but he did get a few laughs out of me near the end. I know J.K. Rowling didn't have everything planned out but the idea of a magic diary that holds part of someone and power over someone is a genius idea that evolves into something much greater as the films progress. I got to say that's pretty ballsy putting what is essentially a wizard slur word in a family film, I still kind of lose my shit when I hear Malfoy say that, talk about triggered! Not as much Severus this movie around but the bits he has knocking the hell out of Lockhart is cinematic gold in my eyes. I loooove the fact the Chamber Of Secrets is a full fledged set, and the fact we have a full on animatronic of a Basilisk is even more outstanding! Oh and we finally meet both Arthur and Molly Weasley, I adore them so much, I practically crush on Molly and Mark Williams is such a good actor and always will be Mr. Weasley in my eyes. Oh my God, I almost forgot to talk about Jason Isaacs, sweet mother of mercy that man is a fine actor and he is superb in this movie, we honestly needed so much more of him and I genuinely want to see more of him as The Grand Inquisitor. I'm sorry I'm just nerding the hell out over here but I just really had a grand time with this one and I cannot wait to see Prisoner Of Azkaban again. Another easy 4 stars, 8/10 again from me! Loved it, wonderful production values, great performances, deeper story, expanded characters, it's kind of hard not to like! I knew people though back in the day, who had um....issues. Major issues with the world of Harry Potter, and I just want to say I hope they don't exist anymore. Because they are the dumb and I for some reason gave them enough attention to argue with them. You just don't feed the trolls kids, take it from me. Just go watch the movie, it's wild, you'll love it!

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