Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Toy Story

Yeah. You knew it was coming.

See the thing with Toy Story and more importantly future movies in the series is the fact that it came out the year I was born. I did not know a world without Toy Story, I've been watching this movie for over 20 years and it still holds up. I want you to think about that for a second. 20 years and the animation, story, and characters have stood the test of time and is still being shown to kids today. That is absolutely incredible. Everyone has seen Toy Story at one point or another, so really this isn't much of a review but more a love letter to the series. It's a classic and no one can argue that, watch it again if you haven't recently. The cast does such good work and every person who worked on the movie wanted it to be the best movie ever, cause they take everything seriously and put their best foot forward in every department. The characters are great and I love them all but Slinky and the little aliens get a lot of love from me in particular, and I can say that the dynamic between Woody and Buzz is really perfect especially because they become friends through bleak and desperate times much like people do. They make for fun enemies but make even better friends and the best part is we get to see them change and grow over time. It's really something special in terms of kids movies cause it just doesn't happen that much, can you name one movie series made for kids where each film is excellent and isn't a slap in the face or down grade from the first movie? I can't besides like Harry Potter, but that's for adults too but whatever. And it's made such a huge impact on kids older than me and younger than me, and I think it's because any kid can really get this movie. Andy loses his two favorite toys in the world, every kid has felt that, every kid wants to go to Pizza Planet, every kid knew at least one Sid in their life, every kid has gotten a super awesome toy for their birthday. It really does go beyond just a fun kids movie about toys coming to life. The dialogue in particular is fun, inventive, and quotable, it even takes advantage of toy jokes but it's not painful puns or gags it just tells funny jokes concerning toys. I was really impressed how so little of the film looks "bad", it's all good but admittedly some effects are not as good as others, the environments both indoors and outdoors look pretty damn good and some objects look really real. There's a timelessness quality to the whole film, if you showed this to a kid they would probably say it was made now or awhile back, cause it doesn't really look, sound, or feel 90s so it further makes the film better. It's just a great movie for everybody, you love it, I certainly love it, and it's high time you watch it again if it's been awhile. 4 stars, 10/10, cannot recommend it enough! Tomorrow we look at the sequel, so stay tuned.

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