Saturday, June 8, 2019

Everybody Look What's Going Down...

Well good evening to you all. Just wanted to let you know what's happening here in the next month or 2 before we start our next week of reviews. I am taking some study time into my next review, it's based off a book by one of my favorite authors and I wanted to take notes and see how faithful it is. After that though...the rest of this month is a trainwreck. Too much stuff is coming out this month so I really had to pick and choose what I wanted to do cause when you have a job that starts around lunchtime and ends when the sun has gone down, time is not a major luxury! And sadly I really wanted to check out The Dead Don't Die because Adam Driver and Bill Murray versus zombies sounds a little too good to be true but I can't see it opening day, so I'll have to do it on Saturday instead. After that though it's a fairly stable week, and the last week drove me so insane that after constantly shifting from potential movie to potential movie, I'm taking my monthly break in July. There's stuff I want to see in August and September so July is the only option left. And can I just rant for a brief moment in time, there is way waaaaay too much horror stuff coming out before October, more Chucky movies, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, IT: Chapter Two, if all this got pushed until October it would be the best October we have ever had on this show! And I think we have had some pretty good years, so that bugs me a bit but I can live. After that though, same old schedule. Just pray for me that I live to see August because the deep south in summer time might as well be one of the levels of Hell, and I am not a creature of light or warmth I mean I'm already hot enough, and the more I stay in my cave the better so consider July my hibernation period. So I will see you Monday, bye bye for now and goodnight all!

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