Friday, June 21, 2019

Toy Story 4

Well I was sorta right about it.

Now Toy Story 4 is a really good movie, I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it. The animation is top notch, with excellent use of color and such fluid movements. The comedy made me laugh just as hard as when I watched Toy Story 2. It's great seeing actual good new characters, including a sympathetic villain done to absolute perfection, with of course our star roster. I even really enjoyed the story, I thought Inwas going to despise Bonnie's creation Forky but he grew on me quickly, and the idea of a road trip and fairgrounds backdrop with our favorite toys is really great! However, the ending didn't do it for me. Now I know. I know. It's a new chapter, as a very wise man said "Let the past die.", it even had this sort of Lost In Translation style ending so how could I not like it. Well when you watch every Toy Story movie Woody is our focus, we learn so much about him, and how much he is loyal to his kids, we see him still struggling with seeing Andy go yet is so ready to take care of Bonnie for years to come, and just remembering that undying loyalty and the importance of that to his character, makes the ending something I felt out of character and while could be interesting in future movies just felt wrong. Not full on betrayal or the ending ruined the whole movie, because it's not. It's a good movie, I really liked it, but I just have this nagging feeling that it does take away from Andy's ending. I really wanted there to be no Toy Story 4, it ended and it ended very well when you got right down to it. And I forgot to say last time, but I fully believe the fan theory that Andy's mom is Emily and I was shocked to see no scene in the last movie where she finds Jessie and has just this split second reaction, I could have sworn that scene existed. I guess I had a severe Mandela Effect moment, and a bad lapse of memory so I had to bring that up. Should you go see Toy Story 4? Well it depends if you're fully content with 3 or if you want to see more adventures. It is a very good movie and one you should see before the end, Pixar did such a good job with their animation and the characters but it did make me go into some deep denial. But the ending isn't really a bad one, and I should have a more open mind towards it. New chapter, and all that. I give Toy Story 4 a solid three and a half stars, and yet another fine addition to the series.

But what shall we do for the last week before my somewhat summer vacation? Well with me thinking a lot about how summers were for me as a kid and how much I do truly miss summer vacations from school, I figured we could look at some teen movies. Why? Because I'm an old, bitter, grumpy old man who is heavily nostalgic and needs to reflect on years gone by.

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