Friday, June 8, 2018

Ocean's 8

I'm still mulling over which I like better, Ocean's 12 or Ocean's 8.

Pretty good work ladies, I gotta say you made an alright series a bit better for me. So yeah, Ocean's 8 is a good movie and one of the best of the Ocean's series. Before we hit story, we gotta talk cast, the cast is good but some were really underused. I was actually really looking forward to some of the women but they hardly use Mindy Kaling and and Awkwafina, cause they looked like fun characters! I mean you got a con just out of prison, a liquor bootlegger, a pickpocket, a jewelry expert, a fashion designer, a stay at home mom, and a hacker. Who's the 8th member? Can't really say but I honestly felt it was tacked on but hey you can't call it Ocean's 7 (more on that later). So you got a really good cast of characters and actresses to play them, pulling a pretty interesting heist. Essentially going to the most extravagant gala to steal a $150 million diamond necklace, and they made an interesting, kinda funny, and enjoyable film! Best part of the movie hands down, Cate Blanchett. I mean you can tell everyone is enjoying themselves filming the movie, but Cate is not only enjoying herself she is owning this role in every way possible. You know what kinda sucks though? They make Anne Hathaway play this idiot movie star and I know she can do great and wonderful stuff, but I didn't hate her character though. Also, big props to the wardrobe department! Not only do these ladies look spectacular, but they somehow got Anne Hathaway in a cape that would make Spawn jealous and my God is it glorious. And you know why it is Ocean's 8? So we can have Ocean's 9 and 10. A trilogy. But any movie that plays Bach not once, but twice is clearly an excellent movie. Recommend it for a weekend viewing with friends. Until then, stay classy ladies.

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