Monday, June 25, 2018

The True Death Of The 90s

A thought occured to me today, and it was the fact that this generation of kids who are now 3 or 4 years old are not going to be able to experience or have the opportunity to go to a Toys R' Us. That is a world I do not want to live in. It's not going to force me into suicide, I've had way worse things happen to me in life that have broke me, but this is a harsh reality. Why? Because it affects future generations. NEVER in my wildest nightmares have I said, "Back in my day we used to go to Toys R' Us to get our toys." because why would that store close? 3 if not 4 generations spanning from before I was born to about 10 years ago had Toys R' Us, and it's just not there anymore. Things like Blockbuster and Toys R' Us I honestly felt that if such a day came and they closed, I would be an old man. If Blockbuster closed by the time I was in my late 30s, I could deal with that, it would suck but I would have had at least two decades of memories and experiences with it. If Toys R' Us closed by the time I was in my early 50s, I would be okay with that because at least I and future generations could have had experiences. This is the true death of the 90s, the adults of this current time are heavily nostalgic about the 1990s either because they were born at that time or were little kids at that time but you know what? You can emulate so much of it. You can go to Ebay and find old 90s toys. You can buy music and movies from the 90s in a store. You can watch the awesome cartoons online! You can get frickin' Surge and French Toast Crunch on Amazon! But the experiences you had with places that are no longer with us, cannot be replicated. You can't rent a movie from Blockbuster anymore. You can't get a cool toy from the best toy store in the world. It's incredibly depressing because, when you get right down to it, for me personally....I didn't have much time to enjoy it. I was born in 1995, Blockbuster was closing around 2012, and now Toys R' Us is closing in 2018. I have been going to Blockbuster since I was, shit maybe 3 years old. Toys R' Us I went to sometimes in my youth but it's reputation was known to me even at such a small age that it was the #1 place to buy a toy. So that's like what? 14 years of renting movies, and barely over 20 years for Toys R' Us off and on. These things should NOT be gone by the time you reach adulthood. Do you see my emotional destruction? The things you know, and love, and have such great experiences with when you were a kid should not be gone forever when you have barely grown up. And I can't compare it to now, because the most prominent thing in a kid's life now is technology. And technology will continue, and persist, and be there in some form or another for all time. Christ, if I can go to a Half Price Books and buy not only a 8-Track but also a Laserdisc movie then the tablets, and phones, and games will still be here 30 years down the road. I can even find old PC Flash games online and play them now! But the real true experiences and not so much products, are lost forever. They are not coming back. Some people ask why people of my generation are bitter and cynical despite being 20 years old, and the truth of the matter is we were born at quite possibly the worst time in terms of world view. There is an excellent post which I will link below and it sums up my generation better than my ramblings could ever even hope for. Just take the time and read it, I will post it below. It just....this is a poor world to live in without the childhood joys of yesteryear. Everybody loves talking about what they did as kids, because it makes them happy. Because of the joy, and the wonder, and the nostalgia of it. To try and let us, the listener, try to see it from their point of view and to appreciate and enjoy the value of their experiences. Older generations feel the same way, they all have places that were their places, the spots they went to eat with family and friends, the spots they went to buy new music, to see a movie, the sure fire places where they had a blast either alone or with other people, and it's just not there anymore. You're going to lose things you love in life, but everyone can agree sometimes you lose things far too quickly. Never take for granted the places you love to go to most in this world, because one day they may not be there. I'm going to drink until I can't think and play some Super Nintendo.

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The bitter truth:

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