Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ocean's 12

Alright, I was pleasantly surprised!

After the overwhelming adequate reception of Ocean's 11, I got to say I was really hoping the sequel would be a lot better and it actually was. I think the reason I liked it more is the fact that it wasn't a straight up heist movie. So the crew after 3 months has finally been caught up with the guy they stole all the money from in the first movie and he gives them an ultimatum, garner all his money back and then some or die. So the crew heads over to Europe to try and recover the money before time runs out. Already I liked it much more on a story basis. This movies does so much more than the first, and betters what was already there. The story is interesting with an almost unknown goal as if the crew are just spitballing ideas until they hit their mark, the Coronation Faberge Egg. And I actually liked the characters this time too, they are given much more personality in this movie and are genuinely funny. But we even get a new character, and she was my favorite character by far! Isabel played by the ridiculously great Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has had a past with Rusty and is a good sort of antagonist but not really. This is why she is my favorite, she is the most interesting of the characters. Fully willing to take them all down and yet kind of admiring and helping them too. I don't know, just everything has been done so much better. Now the camera work was really good in the first movie but they get so many better shots in Amsterdam and Rome, just so beautiful with some interesting shots here and there. It really does make me curious as to how this all ends, what awits for me in Ocean's 13. So needless to say I can fully acknowledge this is a better movie and a very good one at that, I almost would say skip the first and just start here. But we got one more before the girls hit the scene so stay tuned tomorrow for Ocean's 13.

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