Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ocean's 11

Well I guess I have Ocean's 8 to blame for me being here.

Well it only took 17 years to finally see this movie, and while you're reeling from that bitter truth let's talk film. Ocean's 11 is an alright movie, I have to admit I have never been for heist movies but a realization occured to me about an hour in this movie. It's not about whether the heist is a success or not, but more for the characters and how the heist was done. You know they're going to walk away with cash from 3 different Vegas casinos, but you want to know how and see these crooks sort of bounce off one another. And I have to say the character's are fine, nothing stands out much beyond the star power. We got a lot of people in this movie, all good actors so the main focus as far as I can guess why you would watch this movie is the heist. And it is interesting how they find ways through the most heavily guarded safe in Vegas, it did intrigue me but I wasn't fully grabbed by it. Hell I made it more entertaining by making a drinking game, and the sad part is it works for every heist movie. Just take a shot anytime either there is a fake out to where you think they have just been caught red handed or when they come withing breathing distance of being caught. You're probably gonna get buzzed good by the end credits. All I can say is I really hope the sequel can grab me and keep me invested. The movie is totally fine, there's no mind breaking amounts of stupid, it's just that these types of films never really appealed to me. And yet the trailer for Ocean's 8 actually got me curious about this whole thing, so go figure. I'd just watch this movie on a lazy day and there is nothing better to watch. Ocean's 12, you got a low bar to pass so here's hoping for tomorrow.

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