Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bridget Jones's Diary

This is the movie I needed to see today.

Bridget Jones's Diary is a very good, funny, just plain wonderful movie about an average 30-something year old woman searching for love and trying to do things better in her life. Already this movie has got me. That is a ridiculously simple plot but life has great charm in simplicity! And that's the word for the movie, charm. This is a charming movie. Bridget Jones is a clumsy, off putting, but very truthful and sympathetic character. She's trying to do better by her own standards and trying to find love, and honestly and truthfully doesn't everyone do that? At some point in your life if not frequently in your life you have tried to a.) make yourself better or b.) tried to find love. It's what humans do. So already the film is wearing it's heart on it's sleeve so it made it very enjoyable to watch, and then you add all the other elements. This film is hilarious! The humor is very british and a bit crass but I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh quite a bit. The romance isn't half bad either, we got Bridget's boss played by Hugh Grant and oh my God he is so Hugh Grant in this. I love him. And then we got....actually what is he? Her friend she made years ago? Her blind date set up by her parents? I have no idea, he's played by Colin Firth and man do Hugh and Colin love to be in movies together. First Love Actually, now this. And the romance is cliched but the rest of the movie is enjoyable in it's odd, awkward, no bullcrap style so I don't even really mind that much. Now all the characters are highly enjoyable but Bridget's dad played by Jim Broadbent is perfection. I love him to tiny little itty bitty pieces. He's like, the one perfect character, he's not a jerk, he's not looking for romance, he's just kinda living his life. There is a wonderful love and care he shows for his daughter, he never panders to her or treats her different, he's just being the best dad he can be and loves his wife and daughter. I aspire to be like Bridget's dad in my future years, I mean best dad ever. Bridget's dad is awesome! Just all the element's worked, it's such a good movie and though I haven't seen the other two movies I'm not totally against seeing them in the future. My mom loves this movie and she was nice enough to sit and watch it with me, so at the very least I can thank her for that. And of course I wish you not only the happiest of Valentine's Days, but the best and most loved for years to come. And I look forward to seeing all of you this Friday for another movie.

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