Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Pirates: Band Of Misfits

Yet another Aardman movie I never saw, and I bring good news!

The Pirates is a fun movie and I very much enjoyed it. Hell I can even say it was better than Pirates 3, 4, and 5 by a long shot! The story follows the marvellous misadventures of (not Flapjack) a group of pirates headed by Hugh Grant as their Pirate Captain. Yes, his name is Pirate Captain. In fact his whole crew has no names, merely descriptive names like, Albino Pirate, Surprisingly Curvacious Pirate, and The Pirate With A Scarf. Genius. Their adventure let's them cross paths with Queen Victoria, and even Charles Darwin, all while our dear Pirate Captain tries to win the most prized thing on the seven seas, the Pirate Of The Year award! This is the movie I needed to see, a fun, charming, and very well done movie that was well worth 90 minutes of my life. Christ I almost kinda wish Pirates Of The Carribean did something like this. Animation is so smooth and well done, and since it's claymation once again it just proves how they got this down under lock and key. The characters are fun, but with special regards to Pirate Captain cause you really do want him to win. He's a great captain, loved by his crew, very loyal and dedicated to the pirate's life, he's my favorite character. His crew is funny and different, along with Charles Darwin throwing his hat into working alongside them is a sight to behold. So hang on a minute. This is a movie where a crew of pirates teams up with Charles Darwin, in order to stop a scheme conducted by Queen Victoria. Huh. Cool! I mean with a premise like that, you know you are going to have a blast with this movie, and I really did. It's a very entertaining movie, that is different from most of your usual pirate shenanigans, with the same dry and humorous wit found in most british movies, it was nice to cleanse the pallete and see something familiar but fresh. And honestly how can any movie be bad that has Brian Blessed being as flippin' awesome and glorious as always? This I can fully recommend if you got a day in to yourself, you're looking for something different, and the pirate's life is for you.

So how about one more since we're on a roll? One I have watched since I was very young and was actually my introduction to Aardman's library of works. Will I remember it as fondly as I once did? Well it's too late to chicken out now...

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