Thursday, February 8, 2018

Under The Red Hood

Good job Brandon, you made an awesome movie man!

I gotta admit, I have heard constant good things about this movie and now that I have finally seen it, it didn't disappoint. It's an adaptation of the comic by the same name which I have to say I didn't read but if the book is anything like the movie it's awesome! So this takes place 5 years after the famous Death In The Family story where Jason Todd the second Robin is murdered by the Joker, and the mysterious Red Hood hits the scene in Gotham causing the Dark Knight to hunt him down and face the demons of the past. Now this is a great story, but it doesn't take the world's greatest detective to figure out who the Red Hood is. If you've played Arkham Knight you know who he is, if you have basic knowledge of the Batman comics you know who he is, you don't even need to pick up his own comic to know who he is, but the mystery is not the focal point. It's more about Bruce confronting the Red Hood and coming to terms with Jason's death. Tim Drake isn't Robin yet, but Dick is seen as Nightwing so you get a good past vs. present Robin standoff on who is your favorite, I stand by Dick Grayson anyday of the week but God dang it that ending tore into me. Jesus Christ movie, you want to end on a more just downright bummer ending? But there's a lot more to enjoy beyond the story. The animation is some of the best if not the best I have seen in any animated Batman movie, Bruce Greenwood is back as Bats which I do believe this was his first outing with the cape and cowl, Jensen Ackles is in my opinion perfect casting for Red Hood I mean this guy is a total wiseass and I love every minute of it, but oh sweet merciful Christmas John DiMaggio is perfect. Like...his Joker gives old Jack a run for his money he's that great. I have never laughed so often and deeply as I have with John DiMaggio's Joker. After this, John can do no wrong in my eyes, though I think it will ruin future viewings of Adventure Time more so than Futurama did. But screw it, this was a really good movie. I loved the inner conflict, the action was spot on like always, I would say I would buy this particular Batman movie but it is well worth a rental if you get the chance. So that ends this bat-tastic week, we got more movies next week so I will see all you then!

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