Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Iron Giant

Yeah, I was in the mood for a robot week.

You want to talk about classic cult animation movies, you need to look no further than The Iron Giant. Now this was a very different kind of movie and was saw by very few when it first came out, but you ask anybody and they will gladly tell you it is an amazing movie. And it really is. It centers around a young boy who soon finds and befriends a robot from outer space. Think E.T. but with a giant cool robot. So yeah way better than E.T. without a doubt. The Iron Giant himself is very child like, learning new things about the world including life and death. Now how many kids movies do they touch upon the fact that death is sadly a thing in our world? And I don't mean like hearing or seeing it like with Bambi's mom or Simba's dad but talking about it. That's a big deal and they do it amazingly well. The Iron Giant even idolizes superheroes like a child and wants to be like Superman. You can officialy get off this planet if you don't think that is even slightly cute or cool! If I ever did a top 10 list of animated family films this would very easily be in the top 5, just the story and the characters are what makes it so great and it really does deserve to be watched by many more people. I knew even when I was little this was not your average cartoon movie. And it really isn't, it grows beyond that into a league of it's own. You want a movie to emotionally move you and to give you an unforgettable experience, watch The Iron Giant. I double dare you to not like this movie! It cannot be done! Also bit of trivia, Vin Diesel voices The Iron Giant. I cannot begin to make that up. Enjoy!

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