Thursday, February 4, 2016


This was my first french film.

Amelie is a wonderful, odd, endearing film worthy of viewing multiple times in the course of a lifetime. It follows the life and adventures of a young woman living in France as she enjoys life and searches for love. I must admit since I have never seen french cinema before, the film was different obviously, to a person living in the southern part of the United States but strangely it did not lose any of it's charm or appeal. It's quirky and how the story is told is what really grabbed my attention. You just don't see films like this in America, and most people would be detered by the fact that it is a foreign film, you have to read throughout the movie unless you are well versed in French, and many more people should be more open minded about foreign films. There is a simple yet charming story, with compelling characters, humor for all, and a message of doing good things to benefit others rather than yourself and to enjoy your life as you see fit. This film sadly cannot be seen by all ages, it is an R rated film but honestly there isn't that much stuff to qualify it for an R rating. Yes there is nudity and sex, but it is very minescule and really without the sex this would be a film even small children could see. It does promote doing good things in life, among many other things and the film should be applauded for the fact that it can not only entertain, but also make you think differently about the people around you. It deserves the acclaim it has gathered over the years, including five Academy Award nominations. I highly suggest you seek this film out, it will change your life and all for the better in my opinion. I simply adore Amelie and I hope you do as well.

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