Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mr. Holmes

How I have longed to see this film.

Mr. Holmes is a truly marvellous film putting it's own unique twist to the Sherlock Holmes story. This particular story follows an elderly and retired Sherlock Holmes grappling with his failing memory, and trying to remember the last case he ever solved. With the help of his housekeeper and son who he lives with, he uncovers more of his memories and the reasons why he retired and isolated himself from the world. This is not only a glorious Sherlock Holmes story, but a glorious story in general. Ian McKellen is the only person who could ever play Mr. Holmes in this film. One of the many aspects that I love is the elements of the story and the message it gives. Mr. Holmes travels to Japan after the second World War in search of a medicine to help his memory, and in the process he witnesses the horrors of Japan after the war including the devestation of Hiroshima which is one of the aspects which lead him to his isolation but not the most important one. His final case is sad and very endearing, and addresses the fact that people cannot live on pure logic alone, they need to use their hearts as much as their minds if not more so. Intelligence is just as important as emotions, and that is a lesson more people need to be reminded of. This is a marvellous film that I highly, highly recommend. Not just for fans of Sherlock Holmes but also for people who enjoy stories of emotions and life.

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