Friday, June 26, 2015


I'm sorry that I was late, kinda busy yesterday and Heat is an almost 3 hour movie. I got through most of it but not all.

So Heat is one of the best crime drama movies ever put to celluloid directed by Michael Mann, and anything to do with Michael Mann and bank robberies is no bad thing! The story is that a team of expert bank robbers led by Robert De Niro steal millions of dollars in bonds, and a detective played by Al Pacino has to take him down. The whole movie centers around these characters actions and emotions, and it feels completely real, even though Al Pacino chews the scenery a little bit but that only makes it more enjoyable. And yeah, this is the movie with the greatest running firefight ever recorded on film, I'm serious. It goes on for like 10 minutes, there's no music all you hear is gunfire, and the weird thing is it's not even at the finale of the movie, it's about halfway through. But that's not even the best scene of the movie. The real best scene is when Robert De Niro and Al Pacino sit down in a cafe and talk to each other. And the reason why it is a big deal is because it's the hero and the villain sitting down, drinking coffee and talking about why they do what they do. I can't think of a single movie where the hero and villain sit down, have a drink, and just talk to each other. It has never been done, and it's very well written, very well acted, and is just so damn good. The ending is thrilling and yet touching, and is the perfect way to end this amazing film. If you are a fan of bank robberies, complex characters, amazing directing, brilliant writing, and are just a fan of crime dramas then Heat is for you.

And that ends this week of movie reviews. Join me next week when we look at some true love letters to the action hero franchise.

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  1. Heat is one of the all time best, I think. Great movie! And an excellent choice for your blog! Here are my viewings for the month of June (so far):

    San Andreas
    Jurassic World
    Insidious Chapter 3

    On Tuesday, which is the $5 movie day at my Cinemark (I hear you get much better deals in San Antonio on Thursdays), I plan on seeing Max! Looks like a tear jerker, but I can't resist a movie about a dog!