Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seven Psychopaths

You know I really think that people who love American Psycho are going to really enjoy this film.

Seven Psychopaths is a comedy at heart, but I think very much like American Psycho you have to be a psychopath or at least someone who's not right in the head to enjoy some of the humor. I love this movie, it's very different from your normal movie which is it's strong point. It centers around a writer and his two friends who dognap a psychopath's shih tzu and they have to sort out their little problem before they all get killed. The performances in this movie are awesome, anything with Christopher Walken in it is no bad thing, in fact it's an amazing thing, and yet surprisingly Christopher Walken doesn't steal the show, it's Sam Rockwell. The humor is dark at times but it's mostly just dialogue between the characters and how their personalities bounce off of each other. It has a lot of heart and emotion in it, and I got to tell you the first time I watched it, I bawled my eyes out at one scene it was so heartbreaking, just the music and the characters in the scene....it got to me. But it also has serious moments in it and even thought provoking moments at times. It's just such a great and quirky little film that will most certainly entertain you and hopefully it will be a film you will want to see again and again. I know it is for me, so if you ever get the chance to see it by all means do. It's worth your time, it's worth your money. You'll enjoy the characters, you'll enjoy the story, you will enjoy Seven Psychopaths. I promise on my life.

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