Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back To The Future II

Yes, this movie takes place in the year 2015, and I am still waiting on my hoverboard and flying car!

So Back To The Future II is an incredible sequel to the original. It does nothing but add on to the experience and the greatness of the original, and adds a surprising twist to it all. So the story picks up immediately after Back To The Future when Doc comes back from the year 2015 to warn Marty about some big problems with his kids, so he brings Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer to the year 2015 to right the wrongs of their very own future. But that's only the first problem that pops up, soon well stuff happens due to Marty's greed getting the best of him and a long story short, an alternate timeline of 1985 is created where Biff has turned Hill Valley into Hell on Earth. So Doc and Marty have to travel once again back to 1955 to solve that problem. Now of course, there's a ton more to the story than what I told you, and if you loved the original you're going to love the sequel even more! The characters have even more depth and personality to them, the setting is both interestingly new and familiar old, and the film just adds to the fun factor and also greatly adds to the original film in more ways than one. And we still got one more film to review, some consider it to be the black sheep of the series but I consider it just as good as the other two.

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