Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back To The Future

Okay, I swear to God I didn't plan this. Today is Michael J. Fox's birthday and it just so happens I scheduled my review of Back To The Future on the same day.

So Back To The Future, one of the greatest time travel movies ever made! How does it hold up? Well...incredibly so. I mean yes the movie takes place in the 80's and the 50's but it doesn't at all feel dated, in fact it feels very new. It's kind of difficult to explain how the movie's time frame impacts you, but I would damn near describe it as timeless! It's a film that has aged incredibly well. So what's the story? A kid named Marty McFly is a teenager in the year 1985 and he's friends with a brilliant scientist, Dr. Emmet Brown who one day invents a time machine out of a DeLorean, and through a series of events Marty accidentally travels back to the year 1955. So he has to meet up with his old friend despite the fact he doesn't know Marty yet and help him get back to the future. Now the plot sounds awfully familiar because almost every single time travel movie since this came out has copied the formula, because it works really well. But don't let that deter you from seeing this movie because you've heard of the plot a hundred times. The film is a hell of a lot more than what you expect, and it is a fun and great movie to watch. I just realized this for the first time now that I am properly reviewing it, that 85% of the shots and the dialogue in this movie are very, very important to the plot. There is hardly ever a moment of filler in this movie. Every scene, every word spoken has significance in the grand scheme of things, and not just for this movie but the entire trilogy. The dialogue is interesting and very funny, the characters are great, the settings are very realistic as it is set in two past era's, the performances are the bloodline of this entire franchise and every single one of these people give it their all, and everything about it just works to an amazing degree and I love it! Hell, there are even people that stand by their opinion that Back To The Future is the greatest movie of all time, and I can kinda understand that. Is it my favorite movie of all time? No. But do I understand why people would say that? Absolutely! Bottom line, go out, buy all the Back To The Future movies, marathon them, and judge for yourself if you would like to go back to Back To The Future in the future.

Tune in tomorrow where we examine the fantastic sequel and the impact it has on the year 2015.

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