Friday, June 5, 2015

Planning Ahead

Okay so I have spent this entire week just planning out my reviews for the next month. Obviously now that it is summer, I have to start reviewing summer movies, whether it be action movies or just movies that you would watch during the summer time. But why stop there? I have also got the first week of reviews planned in July, I have all of October planned out, and at least half of December. So, yeah I've been doing some serious planning. This is what I do in my spare time.

So for the next two weeks we will revisit some fantastic 80's movies, and then the week after that we will be shifting gears to more action movies including one that has the greatest running firefight in the history of film and it's not Hardboiled! And then the first week of July, I thought "What could I do to lead up to the Fourth of July?" and then I thought about a trilogy of action films that are old and yet so new. In October it's going to be pure classic horror, I'm even thinking of reviewing a movie a day in that month, and to cap off the year in December I will review only the greatest fantasy epics of all time.

So I hope to see you all next week, when I take you back to the past.

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