Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stand Up Guys

I hope to God when I get old I'm as badass as these guys. They're just awesome!

Yes, another Christopher Walken movie. I love the guy, he is the man! So the plot of Stand Up Guys is Al Pacino's character has just been released from prison after twenty something years, and he wants to get his old gang back together for one last gig. His best friend Doc played by Christopher Walken tells him that the last member of the gang played by Alan Arkin has been ill and placed in a retirement home so they got to go bust him out and have some fun. I don't know why but I love movies where old people go on these adventures or misadventures and they just have fun. And that is what this movie is, fun. You have a blast watching these old friends just do stuff together and kinda get into trouble. Something about it is very endearing and pleasant. And I am serious, they are the coolest old people you will ever meet. I want to do everything they do in this movie when I get old, hang out with my friends, go dancing with pretty girls, have breakfast at like 3 AM in the morning, kick some serious ass, drive around in a muscle car, all that good stuff. And the movie ends exactly the way you want it, I was so damn happy at how the movie ended. It even has emotional moments in it, and you feel what the characters feel. Bottom line, go see this movie. If you like these sort of fun, action, adventure stories with older people, I think you will very much enjoy Stand Up Guys. I aspire to be a stand up guy, and I hope some of you will too.

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